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Hello! I'm Brad Crewe... Welcome and thank you for visiting my homepage. Here you will find more information on my background and the work

I have done throughout my creative career. I am a creative professional with background in: visual merchandising, showroom & property styling, product styling, store design, and brand repositioning.  Feel free to connect by clicking on the contact page.

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I am Brad Crewe. I’m a senior creative professional with an extensive background across both domestic and international markets working across various creative roles and projects over many years within the retail industry.

I am available to consult in various sectors of business for many types of creative projects, from property and interior styling, product styling and visual merchandising concepts within retail groups, to brand identity and translating brand into the customer experience.

My portfolio is housed on this site.... Feel free to look over some of my work with the various brands I have represented over the years. Whilst my portfolio reflects many years in the retail and fashion industry, I have gained an array of experience in working on, developing and rolling out new store concepts and interiors, setting up new store spaces and bringing the entire environment to life to attract customers and create memorable store experiences. I have also been heavily involved in the styling overlay and design process for the interiors and fittings / finishes within many projects.


I am available to work on projects at various levels on a consulting basis and look forward to exploring new and exciting opportunities to collaborate.



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