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Standard store concept

Nayomi is the leading lingerie brand specialist in the Middle East:

Nayomi is women's nightwear and lingerie market leader for the Middle East and is widespread with 185 locations throughout Middle East. It is a part of fashion division in Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group (KOJ Group):


The main objective of this project was to design a store environment that was consistent with the brand strategy to offer the customer a beautiful glamorous environment to shop in. Nayomi believes that every woman is a princess who loves luxury, being pampered, feeling pretty and feminine and who wants to look her best. The brand wanted the customer to feel as though they were shopping inside a palace, and to feel the luxury every princess deserves. 


It was also important to create a feminine feel and bring in elements related to the bedroom and lingerie, so one thing very clear in the brief was to create wardrobes within the perimeter walls so it gave a very classic bedroom feel as well as breaking up the wall layout. A final element of the brief was that we wanted the store design to be a contemporary play on the princess theme and not to be taken too literally. Our brief was to modernise the brand image but to also ensure our Arabic heritage was retained to differentiate us from the international brands.


The biggest challenge was to take the existing brand of Nayomi and re-invent the brand with a tone of voice that could be used across all aspects of the business. After numerous workshops at the outset of the project it was agreed that the Princess theme would underpin the brand and be translated throughout all aspects of the brand from store design to marketing, VM and product development. By all parties working to this common theme the Nayomi Brand created a personality that clearly hits a chord with their target customer in the store design that you see today.

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