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Large format store concept

With the success of the Nayomi Princess concept store and proven increase on sales return for all renovation stores and new stores within the portfolio, it was a natural step to evolve this concept further and work with the design agency on a large format store that would be bigger and more beautiful than what we already had created & begun rolling out.


So we sat down with the team once again and started work on the next exciting project, aptly named – THE PRINCESS PALACE. A key brief to the team was to evolve each of these values further to create a large format destination store that would have impact and stand alone from the international competitors entering the market.


We wanted to retain the brand personality of the princess concept and take it all up a notch to have feature display areas within each of the separate zones within the store. We achieved this through key architectural features with the ceiling design and light fittings as well as prominent display areas to highlight VM and create impact and atmosphere.


As a result the customers embarks on a mystical journey where in they enter a Princess Palace to escape their everyday realities.

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