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New store concept

Soiree was launched in 2010. 

Soiree opened its first store in Sharjah, UAE, followed by a second store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia soon after. Soiree has stores throughout Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar. Soiree carries sensual lingerie, beauty and playful accessories and prides itself on presenting these premium products in a plush boutique setting. 


The Soiree brand team agreed that the Soiree theme and tone of voice would be all centred around the concept of DARK PRINCESS. All aspects of the brand from store design to marketing, VM and product development would encompass this one key message. What we came up with was the ultimate retail environment for the discerning customer to purchase exquisite lingerie and accessories in a beautiful setting of ornate decorative mirror finishes, plush fabric seating and walls, gorgeous reflective wallpaper, and bespoke quirky pink crystal chandeliers. Soiree’s store design is made up of beautiful range of hues from shades of feminine pink, contrasted with moody grey and black details, with reflective surfaces throughout to create a sweet boutique atmosphere.


Marketing Campaigns in the Middle East:

The Middle East is a challenging environment to work with a sensual lingerie brand.... How does one portray the brand image in a market with many restrictions when it comes to use of female imagery and portraying everything in a modest way so as not to offend??? That is a very good question...


It was decided the best approach would be to keep to lifestyle imagery within the store and present our products in a dark and moody theme. Given the market restrictions we would only be able to show products off the body, so in store we used relatively simple imagery and we kept the store window to showcase the products on a simple bust form, making the product and styling details the hero. We kept model imagery in digital form only and examples of the shoots I was involved with at the time are in the above portfolio of images.


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