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New store concept

A thought-provoking take on the classic Australian wardrobe, Saba is defined by superior tailoring & modern simplicity. Saba’s effortless + considered design signature grew from founder Joe Saba’s focus on improvement & innovation. Half a century on, the Saba philosophy is upheld in the beauty of our lines & the confidence of our cuts. The modernity of each collection speaks to the heart of the brand. Each garment is infused with the integrity & passion of the Saba name. “When I see something that is a possibility, I like to pursue it with conviction.” Joe Saba

The Saba new store concept was the first store concept I had worked on that had very little VM overlay associated with it. The store architecturally was a clean and slick environment with well defined spaces for product to be hero and divide up the space into intimate zones within the store. The material's palate was exquisite with premium finishes used throughout. This was the first of a new store concept to roll out in the future for the Saba brand.

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